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The UK at all levels of education does not have either the current capacity or the rate of growth needed to meet the forecast demand for skilled engineers by 2022.

- Engineering UK 2015 report

Education is the cornerstone to a progressive, healthy society. The shortage of Science and Technology opportunities for students, especially at the primary level, has been noted in many reports. This is uncool, and we want to do something about it.

DroneCraft’s founder is a professional educator with over a decade of teaching experience in countries around the world. Combining this strong background with his obsession for drones was a no-brainer. Drones are awesome, kids think they’re the cat’s pajamas, so what better way to use them to support the Science and Technology curriculum?

We dove into building a series of exciting workshops, using the drone as the centrepiece for learning. We discussed with teachers and Heads, and referred heavily to best pedagogical practices and the UK curriculum to develop the learning objectives fused into these workshops. Simply put, we put the cool in school and the knowledge in technology.

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