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– construction and property –

With DroneCraft Geo we can provide aerial footage from drones for commercial and industrial clients. Uses include:

  • energy auditing
  • wind turbine inspection
  • roofing inspection
  • aerial archaeology
  • construction oversight
  • power line inspection
  • disaster reconnaissance
  • search & rescue
  • wildlife research
  • structural inspection
  • pipeline inspection
  • and many more…

How can a drone help your business?

Traditionally, survey and inspection work that needed an elevated viewing position had to be done by helicopters or airplanes. These are prohibitively expensive, and inflexible. Helicopter hire starts around £1000 per hour, and rises quickly.

In many cases, traditional aircraft aren’t able to get close to the target location or provide adequate viewing angles. drones are small, light and can quickly hover around the location finding the best spot to inspect from.

It is much easier to bring a drone to a site, than it is a helicopter or airplane, and to communicate in person with the pilot once on location.


As well as the RAW files you receive, we also offer post-processing services:



2D map stitching





3D Map modelling



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